Determination Redefined

There is really nothing about sewing men’s dress pants that used to be fun for me. Honestly, I dreaded waist bands, cried over a few zipper installations, and welt pockets?! Really?! That was then. For three weeks I have awakened excited to dive into the next task. Determination is contagious. Hope is contagious. Love is […]

Moms Blog
“I Encourage You To Do It”

“Be patient, and when your opportunity comes, I encourage you to do it,” said Ofanise.  We were enjoying an afternoon together with the Accolade for Saving Lives (ASL) program moms. Oflanise and 4 other moms had just completed their second week of sewing training and she wanted to share about her experience and encourage the […]

Goat and kittens
On Sheep and Goats

[foogallery id=”2920″] Sunday’s message at church was around Matthew 25:31 – 46. It tells about Jesus’ return and the separation of people, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. One of our elders (also named Matthew) spent some time discussing the behavior of sheep vs goats. I couldn’t help my mind wandering to […]

Can You Take It All In?!

[foogallery id=”2833″] Can you sit with me a spell? Can you take it all in? Land had been purchased by Accolade for Saving Lives shortly after Hurricane Matthew struck last fall. Prayers continued. In January of this year I stood on that ground with a team of faithful young servants.  Goats that didn’t belong to […]

What We Find Is Not Always As It Seems

It was an extremely hot and muggy day, approximately 2 weeks after Hurricane Matthew blew through the south of Haiti in October, 2016. Patchouko and I were trekking through one of the neighborhoods served by Accolade for Saving Lives (ASL). Our objective when we set out this day was to assess damage to the ASL […]

The Wise Man Built His House Upon A Rock

[foogallery id=”2521″] One of the Accolade for Saving Lives program families is getting a two room home. They have been living in a one room structure with little to no roof and a dirt floor. They are ingenious in making things work, for example the door is hinged on with the soles from old, unusable […]